Sunday School and Adult Sunday School

The opportunity to expand your faith knowledge is available to all ages at St. Mark's. Sunday School usually begins at 9 a.m. with songs and a main message before dividing into age appropriate classrooms for bible lessons. Adult Sunday Schoolalso held every Sunday at 9 a.m., includes bible study, topics related to current events and discussions designed to foster a deeper knowledge of the Christian faith.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is structured based on the availability of the summer months. In previous years, Vacation Bible School opens with a skit, play, or musical performance before breaking into service projects, outdoor activities, crafts and bible lessons.

Also, during the summer months, the learning committee takes part in a summer reading club in which a novel with a corresponding movie is selected and discussed once a week during regular Adult Sunday School. At the end of the book discussion, the reading club gathers to watch the movie. 

Christmas Program

During the first or second week prior to Christmas, the youth will perform a special Christmas Program in which the Christmas story is told through word and song. Traditionally, all children have had roles in this program, whether it be spoken parts for older children to limited singing and special costumes for younger children.

Faith Steps Program

The Faith Steps Program is designed for children and young adults that begins at baptism until children go forth on their own. When a child is baptized, they receive their first glass bead in a special baptism box, which also contains the baptismal certificate, a candle and various other items. That bead and a corresponding crucifix signify the first step in the child's Christian journey. The child will receive another bead when they start Sunday School, become an acolyte, begin high school, begin college, and attend Adult Sunday School. Thus, the faith steps program follows a child throughout their lives into adulthood. 

Youth Group

St. Mark's partners with three other area congregations for their youth (seventh grade through high school). This “south side cluster” meets once a month in addition to special planned activities and service projects. These churches share the expertise and talents of Youth Director Aaron Elliot who coordinates youth activities. 


Confirmation is a pastoral ministry for youth in the sixth and seventh grade. It is a two-year program in which students learn the basic tenets of faith and make a commitment to the beliefs and practices of the Lutheran church. Historically, the dates have been chosen in partnership with the “south side cluster.”  

In addition to serving the community near and far, youth also have the opportunity to share their time and talents within the church as well, including helping serve Easter breakfast, participating in worship, and joining church committees.